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Integrate JOIN with Personio

Integrating JOIN with Personio is done in just a few little steps:

  1. Sign in to Personio, navigate to Settings > API credentials.

  2. Click "Recruiting API key" and copy company ID and access token.

  3. Optional
    If you wish, you can also create a “JOIN” channel to have candidates tagged as coming from JOIN. To do so,

    • navigate to Settings > Recruiting > Channels.

    • Create a new option by entering a name (e.g., “JOIN”) and

    • Click the "+" button.

    • Once done, you can copy the “Channel ID”.

  4. Optional
    Also, you can create a custom candidate attribute to have the original source (e.g., Indeed, LinkedIn) displayed on Personio. To do so,

    • Navigate to Settings > Recruiting > Attributes > Candidate profile.

    • Add a new attribute by entering a name (e.g., JOIN original source)

    • Select “text” as type and save it.

    • Copy the “API name”.

  5. Add the data collected above to the integration form in your company settings.

  6. Click the "Request" button in the top right corner.