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Deleting your account

This includes

  • candidate applications,

  • job ads, bookings,

  • JOIN credits

  • job analytics, and

  • your SEO ranking that has been built over time.

If you want to keep some of this information, you can pause your account by setting it offline. 

Scroll to the next step to see how it works.

Pausing your account

With account pausing, you keep access to your JOIN account, including candidates and all previous data, except active premium bookings.

Your account can be temporarily set offline in your company profile here.

When you set your account offline, all active premium bookings will be deactivated and irrevocably lost, but your inventory will remain. All job ads will be archived and can be restored.

You prefer deleting your account? Scroll to the next step to learn more.

Deletion process

Do you want to delete your JOIN account? 

Please go to Settings > Company details > Account deletion > Show more

After your account deletion request, we will start the deletion process by first taking all your job ads offline. It may take 24-48 hours to remove all job ads from all job platforms. 

With the job ad deletion, all applications from candidates for those jobs will be deleted. Candidates accessing their JOIN accounts will no longer see their application to your jobs on their dashboards. All active bookings, products in your inventory and JOIN credits will be deactivated and removed without a refund. 

Grace period: After the initial deletion request, a grace period of 7 days applies to allow any needed data recovery. After this period, all your data will be deleted and cannot be restored again. A final backup deletion within 60 days will delete your data irrevocably.