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Assessments Feature (Beta)

Why you should use this feature:

See how it works...

Create and configure assessments

  1. Create an Assessment: Start by logging into JOIN and navigate to the "Assessment" section. Here, you can create an assessment tailored to your company's specific requirements by selecting a position the test will be for. Select from a range of pre-existing tests or create custom questions to evaluate specific skills or attributes.

    • Select the role this assessment will be used for

    • Configure the assessment by selecting pre-existing test or adding your own questions

    • Finalise your customisation with settings and configurations about expiration date and restrictions for candidates

Send assessments

  1. Invite Candidates: Once your assessment is ready, send it to the candidates you're considering for the role.

  • Select a candidate you would like to send an assessment to

  • Pick the test you would like to send

  • Send test via email to candidate

Review results

  1. View Results: Once the candidate has completed the assessment, their results will be automatically compiled and presented to you in a clear, easy-to-read format. You can then evaluate and compare candidates based on their scores and insights from the assessment.

  2. Make Decisions: Use the assessment results, in combination with other relevant information such as resumes and interviews, to make informed hiring decisions.