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Candidate consent

How the candidate consent feature works:

In our ongoing commitment to enhance user experience and compliance, we have introduced the Candidate Consent feature. This feature automates the process of obtaining consent from candidates who are manually imported into our system. This guide will walk you through the process and help you understand how to effectively use this new feature.

Automatic Consent Request
  • Manual Candidate Addition: When you, as a recruiter, manually add a candidate to the system, an automatic process is triggered.

  • Consent Email: The system automatically sends out a consent email to the candidate. This email asks for their permission to be contacted for future steps, such as messaging, assessments, and interview scheduling.

Tracking Consent Status
  • Consent Icon: Once the candidate gives their consent, a consent icon appears next to their name in their profile. This icon is a quick visual reference that indicates the candidate has agreed to further communication and engagement.

GDPR Compliance Overview
  • New Column in Candidate Tables: To give you a comprehensive view of the GDPR status of all candidates, we have added a new column in the candidate tables. This is available on both the Candidates page and the Talent Pool page. This column provides an at-a-glance view of which candidates have given consent, simplifying compliance management.