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(New) Chrome Extension for Talent Sourcing

The JOIN Talent Sourcing Chrome extension allows you to source talents from LinkedIn and any other website easily.

How Does the Feature Work?

1. Installation and Setup:

Begin by installing the extension directly from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, log in to your JOIN account to synchronise the extension with your ATS.

2. Sourcing Candidates:

When browsing a LinkedIn profile, the extension activates and displays an 'Add Talent' button. This button is the gateway to simplifying the candidate import process.

3. Adding Talent:

Clicking the 'Add talent' button initiates importing the candidate into JOIN. You can assign the talent to an available job, whether online or offline. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

4. Managing Candidates in JOIN:

After successfully importing candidates, you can manage and track their progress within JOIN. This centralised approach streamlines the recruitment process, offering a comprehensive view from sourcing to potential hiring.