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Headhunter Marketplace

Pay-per-hire headhunter service:

Get more candidates by activating headhunter marketplace for your job ads. This innovative pay-per-hire model empowers you to delegate your hiring responsibilities to skilled headhunters, who actively seek out qualified talents on your behalf.

How does it work:

1. Activating the Headhunter Marketplace:

Activate the headhunter toggle and let headhunters know your are looking for talents: To get started, activate the Headhunter Marketplace feature on your job ads. This signals professional headhunters that you're on the lookout for top-notch talent to join your team. The moment you toggle this feature on, the magic begins – experienced headhunters will start curating a pool of potential candidates tailored to your specific job requirements.

2. Tailoring your preferences:

Provide annual salary and the commission you would like to pay: As a part of this process, you'll be prompted to provide the annual salary you're offering for the position and the commission you're willing to pay the headhunter upon a successful hire. This information helps us ensure that both you and the headhunters are aligned in terms of expectations. Offering an attractive commission can incentivise headhunters to put their best efforts into finding you the perfect match.

3. Connecting with Headhunters:

You will receive candidate profiles from headhunters to review: Once you've set your preferences, the Headhunter Marketplace will go to work. When a headhunting agency is ready to collaborate with you, we'll promptly notify you. At this point, you'll start receiving candidate profiles directly from the headhunters. Each candidate profile will include information about their qualifications, experience, CV etc.

4. Screening and recruitment process:

Screen the candidates and proceed with your recruiting process: Now comes your turn to shine. Review the candidate profiles and determine if they align with your requirements and dive deeper into their potential. Contact the headhunter if needed. You have the freedom to conduct interviews, assessments, and any other evaluations you deem necessary.

5. Making the final decision:

Mark the candidate as hired and get in touch with the headhunter: If you sign a contract with a proposed candidate, mark them as "hired" within the platform. This confirms a successful hire and collaboration. At this point, the headhunter will get in-touch with you to finalise the collaboration.

Please note: All commission payments are handled through JOIN and can be done through your account.