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Hiring Pipeline

Keep track of the application process and sort your candidates into a customised pipeline for each position.

After applying, all candidates automatically land in the first stage of the applicant pipeline of the job and can be further managed from there.

Customise your hiring pipeline to meet your needs

Adapt the pipeline to your application process and name the stages according to your needs. You can set a default pipeline in the company settings and modify the default pipeline for each job posting if necessary.

Creating a default hiring pipeline

  1. Go to settings and select “workflow"

  2. Click on editdefault pipeline

  3. Add custom stages or select from a pre-existing list

  4. Arrange the stages in the desired order by dragging and dropping

  5. Save your default pipeline

Customising the hiring pipeline for each job

To customise the hiring pipeline for an individual job posting, simply access the pipeline view for that specific job and make changes as needed. You can rename stages by clicking on the stage and selecting "edit." You can also add new stages to the end of the pipeline using the "+" symbol.

Arrange candidates along the pipeline

Drag and drop candidates from one stage to the next and keep a good overview of the hiring process for your entire recruiting team.