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Add screening questions to your job ad

Select suitable screening questions in the application form and add it to your application process for candidates to answer.

Choose from the templates or create your own questions, with a variety of answer types to choose from:

  • Date

  • Number

  • Yes/No

  • Multiple choice

  • Single choice

  • File upload (not possible as "Knockout")

  • Short text (not possible as "Knockout")

Determine if the question is mandatory. Select the appropriate status for this:

  • Optional

  • Required

  • Knockout

Depending on the status, candidates can submit the application without answering the questions or only after answering the questions.

Knockout Questions & Automated Rejection:

Knockout questions are mandatory questions for candidates. If a candidate provides a negative response, their application will be automatically rejected.

How to use Knockout questions:

Mark a question as "Knockout" and specify which answer will result in rejection of the application.

This allows you to automate the rejection of applications that do not match your job (e.g., lack of work permit, salary requirements too high etc.).

Review screening question responses

You can find the answers directly in the candidate profiles.