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Interview planning feature

The interview scheduling feature on our platform streamlines the hiring process, allowing you to seamlessly connect popular calendar and video conferencing apps into your hiring workflows.

Set up your integration and start scheduling
  1. Login to your JOIN account and open the candidate tab

  2. Select a candidate and visit the candidate details page

  3. Click on "Interview" tab

  4. Next click "configure my interviews"

  5. The interview settings page will open and you can click on the "Apps" tab

  6. Choose your desired video conferencing or calendar app

  7. Add your conferencing tool to the desired event types

  8. Give your event a suitable title

  9. Set up as many different event types as you like

Schedule interviews with candidates

  1. Go to candidate detail page

  2. Click on "Schedule interview" and send or copy the respective link to share it with your candidate.

  3. As soon as an interview is booked the event will be created in your calendar and appear on the candidate detail page in JOIN

Conferencing Apps & Calendars to pick from

This integration allows you to connect the following tools:

  • Google meet

  • Zoom Video

  • Google Calendar

  • Apple Calendar

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • Microsoft Exchange 2013 Calendar

  • Microsoft Exchange 2016 Calendar