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Job Status

JOIN offers four different job statuses to let you easily manage job ads and candidates:

  1. Online - Published and visible on Job boards.

  2. Offline - No longer publicly visible, but still in recruitment.

  3. Archived - Closed position, no longer visible for candidates.

  4. Draft - Not yet posted, just a draft.

What do they stand for and how do they work

Online: Once a job ad is created and published, it is assigned the "Online" status. When a job ad is online, it is automatically posted across various job boards and platforms through JOIN's multiposting feature. Candidates can discover and apply for the job through JOIN's partner platforms, the job widget, or your JOIN career page. The online status enables maximum visibility and allows candidates to submit applications.

Offline: The "Offline" status is given to job ads that you want to no longer be posted and visible on job boards. If you decide to take a job offline, it will be removed from all the different job boards within 24 hours. Once a job is offline, candidates can no longer apply for the position. This status is useful when you want to stop receiving new applications for a particular job, but you are still interviewing to fill this position. For example, you can use this status in between multiple application rounds to temporarily stop new applications from coming in.

Archived: When a job ad is archived, it is both offline and hidden from your normal view. The "Archived" status is typically assigned to job ads that are no longer active and require no further attention. Archiving a job ad removes it from the regular job listing and keeps it separate from other online or offline jobs. This status is useful for maintaining a clean and organised workspace while focusing on current job openings.

Draft: The "Draft" status is assigned to job ads that have been created but not yet published. When you create a new job ad, you have the option to save it as a draft. This allows you to work on the ad before making it live. All drafts can be accessed in the job overview section under the "Drafts" category. You have the flexibility to publish a draft at any time when you are ready to make it available to candidates.

Online vs. Offline & Archived

Constraints of Offline Jobs: Once a job is taken offline, it restricts the ability for new candidates to apply for the position. Additionally, the job ad can no longer be actively promoted or shared on various platforms to attract more applicants.

Constraints of Archived Jobs: When a job is archived, it enters a state where you can no longer manage candidates associated with that job. This means you cannot perform any candidate-related actions, such as messaging, submitting scorecards, or moving them along the pipeline. The purpose of archiving is to signify that the job is no longer active and should not be considered for ongoing recruitment processes.

Candidates related to archived jobs will be marked as such in the candidate overview.