JOIN Referral Program

Finally, we can reward you for promoting JOIN to others. With our JOIN referral program, you and the referred company can earn credits to spend in our store for premium products. Here is your company's referral page.

How to earn credit:

  • Share your referral link by copying your personal link or inviting a company directly via email.

  • Earn JOIN credits for every invited company that signs up for JOIN and successfully creates a job ad. When these conditions are met, you and the referred company will earn JOIN credits that can be used to pay for premium job boards in the JOIN store.

How to keep track on referrals

To keep track, you can find an overview of all your referrals on the referral page, showing: 

  • Number of clicks on your referral link

  • Number of companies that have signed up using your link but haven't created a job ad yet

  • Number of companies that have signed up using your link and have created a job ad

  • How much you’ve earned in credits

Additionally, you can look at your most recent referrals and see their current statuses.

How to apply for credits

Credits are accumulated in your account and will be applied to your next store purchase.

They will automatically be deducted from the total price. You will see the discount in the Cart and during the Checkout.