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Spontaneous application

The Spontaneous Applications feature is designed to empower your candidates to apply to your company even when there are no open positions or if they haven't found the perfect fit at the moment and enables you to build a Talent Pool of candidates for future openings.

Applying Without a Job Posting

Candidates can submit spontaneous applications directly from your Career page on JOIN and will show up in your Talent pool for you to accept or reject them.

Reviewing spontaneous applications

Building a Talent Pool of spontaneous applications

Utilise the screening feature in the Talent Pool tab to review incoming spontaneous applications. By accepting a spontaneous application, you are choosing to save promising candidates in your Talent Pool. Once a suitable position opens up, simply use the "Assign a job" button in the Talent Pool.

Steps to manage spontaneous applications:

- If you 'Accept' a candidate, we'll save their application by adding them to your Talent Pool
- If you '
Reject' a candidate, we'll not save their application on your JOIN account and remove them from your Talent Pool

Manage visibility for spontaneous application

If you do not wish to continue receiving Spontaneous Applications from candidates, you can change the visibility of this feature from your JOIN Career Page in your settings.

By setting the toggle to the left you are disabling spontaneous application. By default this feature will be turned on.

You can manage email notifications about new spontaneous applications in your user settings.