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Talent pool

Save candidates for future opportunities
How to build your talent pool:
  • Click "Add to Talent Pool" on the candidate details page to save this candidate to your pool.

  • Access the talent pool from the left sidebar.

  • Talent Pool Candidates can be assigned to any open job directly from the table.

  • Candidates can be added or removed from the pool at any time.

How to make the most of the Talent Pool

Adding Candidates: When you come across a candidate with potential, simply add them to the Talent Pool. This action ensures that their information is readily available whenever needed.

Candidate-Job Matching: When a new job opening arises, explore your Talent Pool. Assigning a candidate from the pool to a relevant job can save time and resources.

Historical Insights: Use the Talent Pool profiles to analyse a candidate's journey within your organisation. Review their past applications, interview performance, and job assignments to make informed decisions about their fit for future roles.

Collaboration and Accountability: The detailed activity tracking feature promotes better teamwork. Easily identify who made certain decisions and when they were made, fostering transparency and accountability among your team members.

Future-Proofing Your Recruitment: Build a pool of potential candidates, reducing the time-to-hire for critical positions and ensuring a consistent flow of high-quality talent as your organisation grows.