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Troubleshooting credit card failure

If your credit card payment has failed, kindly verify that your default card is operational, has not expired, and contains sufficient funds for the intended payment. If these aspects are in order, but your payment is still failing, consider updating your credit card information and make sure your card is authenticated.

Types of credit card failure and ways to solve them:
Authentication error
  • Check Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
    Most banks require a two factor authentication for payments. Depending on your bank this can be a confirmation of the payment through a banking app, mobile phone or other services.
    Please contact your bank if you cannot authenticate.

Insufficient funds
  • Check Spending Limit
    If your limit has been reached, the card will be rejected. Please increase your spending limit or add credit to your account. 

Card declined
  • Verify Accepted Card Types

    This can happen if the used credit card is not accepted, because of its type. Our payment provider currently accepts Visa, MasterCard and Amex. Virtual credit cards might not be accepted. 2.

  • Check Card Status

    Other reasons for this failure can be that the used card was marked as stolen.  If you've gone over all of these steps, consider using a different card or reach out to the payment provider for further assistance.

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