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Usage-based Invoicing

How JOIN Usage-Based Pricing Works:

JOIN usage based pricing is a pricing fully dependent on the usage of job slots by a company. The price is calculated based on the time a job slot is active, without any downgrades. Currently there is no cancellation period.

How is the price calculated?

The pricing for each job slot is calculated pro rata on an hourly basis. Ordinarily, a job slot remains active for 30 days unless it is manually deactivated or canceled prior to the end of the period.

Invoice Breakdown:

The billing period begins with your first booking.
f at anytime within this period you decide to upgrade/downgrade, the adjustments will reflected in your next invoice. This invoice will include:

  • your new updated subscription price

  • a section indicating the pro-rata calculation for the remaining time on your upgraded plan, and

  • a section indicating the pro-rata credited calculation for the unused time on your previous subscription