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Why should I multipost my job ad?

What is multiposting?

Why post to multiple job boards?

There are a lot of benefits to posting your job ad to multiple job boards at once. And using dedicated software helps you even further. But let’s first look at why you should consider using several job platforms in the first place.

Top three reasons why to post to multiple job boards:

  1. By posting on several job boards, your ad reaches a much wider audience. Not every candidate is looking for a job on the same job boards. For example, a Graphic Designer might be browsing Behance, while a Content Marketing Manager might be looking on OMR Jobs instead.

  2. This higher reach means you can expect more applications coming in, improving your chances of finding the right candidate fast. This helps you save time and reduce your time to hire.

  3. Using multiple job boards at once also means you can easily compare performance between different platforms and see which provides the best ROI for your business. This way, you can save money and reduce your cost per hire.