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Customise Candidate Pipeline

The candidate pipeline is the core of your hiring process and enables you to set up clear processes in advance to streamline your hiring. You can see your pipelines in the Candidates tab within a job.

To set up your hiring pipelines you can navigate to Settings > Workflow > Pipeline templates. In this tab, you can edit and create all the pipelines you need for your openings and select one default pipeline for your job ads.

Create a New Pipeline:
  • To create a new pipeline simply click 'Create New Pipeline' in the Workflow tab.

  • This will create a pipeline consisting of 3 default stages- 'Screening', 'Offer' and 'Hired' - these are a part of every pipeline and cannot be removed or edited.

  • To add new stages in between, you can simply type in the name of the stage and select the type by choosing an option from the dropdown menu. You can pick from these options: Interview, Phone Call, Case Study, and Assessment.

  • Add as many stages as you like and rearrange the order using drag-and-drop.

  • To remove stages, simply click the bin icon next to them.

Basic Pipeline:
Default Pipeline:

A default pipeline is a pipeline that will be applied to any new job you create. If you have multiple pipelines created in your account, you can choose one of them as your default pipeline.

Pipeline for a particular job:

To set a different pipeline for a particular job ad, select it during job ad creation in the Workflow settings. To change an already assigned pipeline for a job, go to 'Edit' job and select a new pipeline from the Workflow step.

Adjusting/changing existing Pipelines:

All pipelines can be edited anytime. While editing and in-use pipeline, if you choose to remove a stage that holds candidates, you will be asked to select a new stage to move these candidates to.

We suggest, therefore, to define pipelines beforehand if possible.