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Applicant overview: The candidate table

Configuring table view:

Search for specific parameters using the filter function or adjust the order of the columns or hide them in the settings. You can also sort by name, application date or email address and resize columns to your needs.  

Please note that the table view configuration is on user level and will apply to all candidate views.

See actions available on table view...

Tag candidates

Click on add tag, to add Application Tags. This allows you to add filterable labels to candidates like special skills, qualifications etc. to easily identify respective candidate groups within the candidate list.

Move candidates in stages

If the candidate meets the first requirements, the application process can proceed. This first qualification moves the candidate into the next stage of your recruiting pipeline. Learn more about configuring stages and pipelines and the screening feature in the below article.

Disqualify candidates

If the feedback on the candidate is negative, or your candidate is no longer interested in the position, you have the option to disqualify the candidate. You have different options to reject candidates, all of them are available in the table view and on candidate level. 

Bulk disqualifications

As soon as the position has been filled by a suitable candidate, you can generate bulk disqualifications for all other candidates. To do so you can mark the matching candidates for this job and perform the bulk action. Select the checkbox beside the candidate names, click on Actions and select Quick Rejection.

Send messages and schedule interviews

Once you have screened the candidate, you can send an interview invitation to the candidate directly from the Interviews tab. If you would like to send a custom message, use the messaging feature or copy the contact details to your preferred communication tool.

Download and preview candidate information

By clicking on the CV you can open a preview and have a quick look at the candidates documents. You are able to download candidate information one by one or in bulk (premium feature)